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Many Shadows, Many Crossroads.


I wandered at night to the old school, hearing a ghostly laughter.
Choked and ridiculed, much like our old school master.
Moonlit moss, with dewdrops dead; a gloss over a fallen thread.
They told me, he was a lunatic, So he thought and he taught.

About beautiful gardens that are no more, and visions imperfect.
“It is unpardonable not to sing, not to see, and not to correct”.
Over the last few years, I have choked on his songs!

The moral science lectures are abandoned, they say,
but you can pass because they don’t teach anyways.
Those who learnt, unlearned fast.
There is a new hit- Education of the day!

Once outside the ancient School gate,
Yet again I hesitate,
with familiar conundrum and pain.
Which way now, Left or Right?
One acceptable and the other insane.
Either path leads, but to debt collectors,
yet I take the right, once again.

I promise to return that which I owe, when I return.
I am sure it might be soon,
when now hopeless flowers, on the eastside bloom.
I’ll join the drunk hopefuls small gathering,
out of love for shrinking rooms.

Though I know I will pause again outside the gate,
And may be refuse to learn to love ‘hate’,
And I can’t promise on that full moon night
that I’ll take a final right
….or resist a final flight.

– Ajay Priyadarshi


“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” – T.S. Eliot


The “aroma” awakes a familiar fervour
says,  hold this morning easy, with care.
Savour the pleasure a little longer
while I caress heal and repair.

Your “warmth” tight in the grips
of my cold and longing palms,
I touch you again with my lips
and meet the day with open arms.


Homeward bound…the song that we created and enjoyed!..Now sharing!

Homeward bound was a weekend project, done on a whim… few years ago.

Some people liked it….. So I thought I’ll share it with you folks…. Tell me, what u think.

This Song is composed and sung by a good friend….the multitalented, Yigit Karabag.

Lyrics by : Yours truly



Homeward bound (MP3 Format).

Download  Homeward bound – Sung by Yigit Karabag, Written by Ajay Priyadarshi

or click below and play

Continue reading “Homeward bound…the song that we created and enjoyed!..Now sharing!”

My Best Movie- 2 : Kabhi Kabhie (1976)

(To all the Poets and Poets at heart; and to PARACKRAMS!)

When at high school our major subjects were, Movies, Music, Girls and How-to-change-the-World!

We were 4-5 of us seated in my room, waiting for the summer vacations to start. It was a hot summer night. I recall the air was very heavy and still. The fan was whirring at a slow speed, warming up the discussion on how peace, love and trust can change the world; how economic blocks are a stepping stone towards borderless world….and such like. The discussion crept towards a heated argument. Someone was debating that this is Utopia and anyway politics will overrule any such conceptions of a peaceful human species. Angry Young Man style!  Just at the point where half-baked passions were about to boil outside the pot of logic; one of our friends, changed the subject (quite unartfully, I thought initially).

He said, ” Guys I do not care whether collective human kind can change for better or not, but I know love can change an individual’s life.”  I threw a pillow at him which he ducked. while CB on my right lunged for a knife (swiss army knife wasn’t somehow illegal in the hostel).

” Seriously, look at Amitabh in the movie Kabhi Kabhie; love changed his life….. who says people do not or cannot change” he continued.

The very mention of “Kabhi Kabhie’ had a dramatic effect on us. Every one froze in his tracks. Frowns dissolved into gentle smiles. A thin fresh breeze, found it’s way through the open window and caressed our sweaty temples. Swiss knife was forgotten!

The topic was successfully changed. We discussed the movie all night! (Kabhi Kabhie aisa bhi hota thaa.) I have more personal memories around this movie than possibly the movie itself. Even though, I remember half of the dialogues by heart and almost all the songs and poetry there-in. Continue reading “My Best Movie- 2 : Kabhi Kabhie (1976)”

My Best Movie- 1. “Iske aage ki ab dastaan mujhse sun….”

Imagine yourselves as an adult, & a Cinema lover in the year 1978. Even as an average movie buff you would have at least watched the top four grosser of the year. All the four would have starred Amitabh Bachchan. He was at his zenith. The high point in his career, when the phrase “one man industry” was coined for him.

Now imagine yourself as a jury member of the Filmfare award of 1979, for the previous year’s movies. In the best Actor’s category there were 5 nominations.

1. Amitabh Bachchan (Trishul)

2. Amitabh Bachchan ( Muqqadar ka Sikandar)

3. Amitabh Bachchan ( Don)

the other two were for Sanjiv Kumar; for Devta and Pati Patni aur Woh. While Sanjiv Kumar was a great actor, these two movies weren’t the vehicle to get him an award. So, this part was easy; it had to be Amitabh Bachchan. Now the tough part, which one of these three sterling performances should be awarded. As a Jury member what would you have done? Continue reading “My Best Movie- 1. “Iske aage ki ab dastaan mujhse sun….””

(re-)Reviewing my all time favourite Hindi movies

It has taken me a decade or two, to arrive to this point; but before I start blogging on this topic, let me tell you, it is not an easy selection, nor an objective shortlist of movies that I will be able to make. However, some good movies embed in the DNA of pleasant memories, as if you lived the screen and were part of the scene. Those are the movies I’ll review, one by one, in a series ( huge commitment?)

Mind has strange qualities! It can mix memories with some imagined subjective vision, and imprint so vividly that it becomes more real than real. Continue reading “(re-)Reviewing my all time favourite Hindi movies”

In support of the fringe literature

One of the best selling philosophy books ever, was an instruction manual (just kidding, for those who have read it). Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance is not exactly a manual on Zen or Motorcycle maintenance, but a nice eternal debate for the opposites of, the romantic – the irrational type, versus classic or rational type; and the middle ground between them.

Well no middle ground for me, I am the classic & the mechanic type; and I love it that way. I often find people buying expensive gadgets and digital toys, such as a digital video camera, and not using it properly, or worse not using it at all. Buying a feature rich music system, but doing no more than insert a CD and press play on the remote. For me it should be, – hey how can I wake up to my favourite track auto play at 8:30 AM on a friday morning, ……oh that was on page 32. Continue reading “In support of the fringe literature”


While there is no dearth of Sports movies from Hollywood and from the subcontinent, some of the recent ones that stand out were; The Blind side, Chak De India, and Invictus. These are all award winning, inspirational drama, based on real life stories.

Blind side is the story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. In the movie Chak De India, It was Kabir Khan (Ranjan Negi in the real life) as the coach of National Women’s Hockey team, who turns the team around and helps it to win Gold in the Commonwealth Games. It was Nelson Mandela who enlist the national rugby team captain Francois Pienaar on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup, in the Oscar nominated movie Invictus.

While all these movies are about great individual efforts, and team play; about greater goal and strong will power; about vision talent and skills, against odds of tough and trying circumstances; nothing, nothing really compares with the tough and trying circumstances in Afghanistan! With one turf pitch and one bowling machine in the country, poor pay and not much facilities to speak of; the Afghan team’s fast ascent in the cricketing world and now the acceptance in the One day teams and qualifying for the ICC Twenty 20 World Cup, should deserve an Award in it’s own right. This goes on the lines of and beyond what Mandela and Francois did through sports towards unity in South Africa. There was at least a team in South Africa; here in Afganistan the game was completely banned under Taliban, not long ago.

I hope that the A team does well in the ICC Twenty20 world cup in the carribeans. I’ll keenly watch their ascent on the world stage as would Pashtuns, the Durrani tribal group, Ghilzai group,Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Qizilbash, and countless other tribes who will watch as one, and HOPE as one towards a new peaceful and sporting Afganistan. Young kids who will learn to hope and heal through sports, to believe that impossible was done before.

As the wonderful article on Afganistan’s Cricket team by Nitin Nair in 4 men magazine quotes: “There is no sports story quite like this ; it really is a fairy tale”

-Ajay Priyadarshi

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