It has taken me a decade or two, to arrive to this point; but before I start blogging on this topic, let me tell you, it is not an easy selection, nor an objective shortlist of movies that I will be able to make. However, some good movies embed in the DNA of pleasant memories, as if you lived the screen and were part of the scene. Those are the movies I’ll review, one by one, in a series ( huge commitment?)

Mind has strange qualities! It can mix memories with some imagined subjective vision, and imprint so vividly that it becomes more real than real. These movies & memories, therefore assume a sacrosanct hierarchy, on a pedestal above every other. Some times so much so that knowingly, unknowingly defines a part of YOU and your being. While watching them in a different time and place could actually let you down. (I hope not my selection). Like cities, town or villages you grew up in; or lived there in distant past and then chance to visit after a long-long time. While nothing may have changed, but you  felt a sense of dejection, a sense of betrayal towards your fond memories. This is possible because you mix the time, circumstance and the then-prevalant mood, with an object or activity( in this case while watching the movie); and treasure it in your subconcious.

The best imprints are on impressionable minds, hence it is no wonder that, most of the above-the-qualifying-threshold movies that I am thinking of writing about would be from my childhood and young age; from the decade of 70s and 80s. It is a different matter that I can argue with my parents and my kids generation as well, that the golden age in Hindi / Bollywood Cinema was in-fact 70s and 80s. I urge you to read my reviews, and watch these movies, incase you haven’t already; and I recommend to watch these movies again, incase you had in the distant past.

Judge for yourselves!

NB: I’ll be posting my first review tomorrow, untill then please help me with your suggestions and comments!