Homeward bound was a weekend project, done on a whim… few years ago.

Some people liked it….. So I thought I’ll share it with you folks…. Tell me, what u think.

This Song is composed and sung by a good friend….the multitalented, Yigit Karabag.

Lyrics by : Yours truly



Homeward bound (MP3 Format).

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The lyrics

…Here, the sun always shines

Golden beaches, fancy cars
Away from home, and oh so far

Huge Malls and tall towers
Tax free income & money power

I can buy some fun, ..a lot …and all.
sleep looking at the empty walls.

…This place I call Home
… Oh come on

There is a race
I sometimes belong,

There is love
I sometimes found;

There is a desire, at the core
There is a lust for evermore

oh come on,
come to the ground
She didn’t leave you,
she’s homeward bound;

……This place….. you call home
……oh come on

I walk across the lonely hall
and hang a picture on the empty wall.

……sometimes ,…………I call home!

– Ajay Priyadarshi

*(All Copyright reserved)