One of the best selling philosophy books ever, was an instruction manual (just kidding, for those who have read it). Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance is not exactly a manual on Zen or Motorcycle maintenance, but a nice eternal debate for the opposites of, the romantic – the irrational type, versus classic or rational type; and the middle ground between them.

Well no middle ground for me, I am the classic & the mechanic type; and I love it that way. I often find people buying expensive gadgets and digital toys, such as a digital video camera, and not using it properly, or worse not using it at all. Buying a feature rich music system, but doing no more than insert a CD and press play on the remote. For me it should be, – hey how can I wake up to my favourite track auto play at 8:30 AM on a friday morning, ……oh that was on page 32. Continue reading “In support of the fringe literature”