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“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” – T.S. Eliot


The “aroma” awakes a familiar fervour
says,  hold this morning easy, with care.
Savour the pleasure a little longer
while I caress heal and repair.

Your “warmth” tight in the grips
of my cold and longing palms,
I touch you again with my lips
and meet the day with open arms.



Homeward bound…the song that we created and enjoyed!..Now sharing!

Homeward bound was a weekend project, done on a whim… few years ago.

Some people liked it….. So I thought I’ll share it with you folks…. Tell me, what u think.

This Song is composed and sung by a good friend….the multitalented, Yigit Karabag.

Lyrics by : Yours truly



Homeward bound (MP3 Format).

Download  Homeward bound – Sung by Yigit Karabag, Written by Ajay Priyadarshi

or click below and play

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