(To all the Poets and Poets at heart; and to PARACKRAMS!)

When at high school our major subjects were, Movies, Music, Girls and How-to-change-the-World!

We were 4-5 of us seated in my room, waiting for the summer vacations to start. It was a hot summer night. I recall the air was very heavy and still. The fan was whirring at a slow speed, warming up the discussion on how peace, love and trust can change the world; how economic blocks are a stepping stone towards borderless world….and such like. The discussion crept towards a heated argument. Someone was debating that this is Utopia and anyway politics will overrule any such conceptions of a peaceful human species. Angry Young Man style!  Just at the point where half-baked passions were about to boil outside the pot of logic; one of our friends, changed the subject (quite unartfully, I thought initially).

He said, ” Guys I do not care whether collective human kind can change for better or not, but I know love can change an individual’s life.”  I threw a pillow at him which he ducked. while CB on my right lunged for a knife (swiss army knife wasn’t somehow illegal in the hostel).

” Seriously, look at Amitabh in the movie Kabhi Kabhie; love changed his life….. who says people do not or cannot change” he continued.

The very mention of “Kabhi Kabhie’ had a dramatic effect on us. Every one froze in his tracks. Frowns dissolved into gentle smiles. A thin fresh breeze, found it’s way through the open window and caressed our sweaty temples. Swiss knife was forgotten!

The topic was successfully changed. We discussed the movie all night! (Kabhi Kabhie aisa bhi hota thaa.) I have more personal memories around this movie than possibly the movie itself. Even though, I remember half of the dialogues by heart and almost all the songs and poetry there-in. Continue reading “My Best Movie- 2 : Kabhi Kabhie (1976)”