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(re-)Reviewing my all time favourite Hindi movies

It has taken me a decade or two, to arrive to this point; but before I start blogging on this topic, let me tell you, it is not an easy selection, nor an objective shortlist of movies that I will be able to make. However, some good movies embed in the DNA of pleasant memories, as if you lived the screen and were part of the scene. Those are the movies I’ll review, one by one, in a series ( huge commitment?)

Mind has strange qualities! It can mix memories with some imagined subjective vision, and imprint so vividly that it becomes more real than real. Continue reading “(re-)Reviewing my all time favourite Hindi movies”


Spark of life!

Thanks to an old freind for sharing this text with me. I liked it, hope you will too!
Spark of life.
Chetan Bhagat’s speech at Symbiosis Pune
Good Morning everyone and thank you for giving me this chance to speak to you. This day is about you. You, who have come to this college, leaving the comfort of your homes (or in some cases discomfort), to become something in your life. I am sure you are excited. There are few days in human life when one is truly elated. The first day in college is one of them. When you were getting ready today, you felt a tingling in your stomach. What would the auditorium be like, what would the teachers be like, who are my new classmates – there is so much to be curious about. I call this excitement, the spark within you that makes you feel truly alive today. Today I am going to talk about keeping the spark shining. Or to put it another way, how to be happy most, if not all the time. Where do these sparks start? I think we are born with them.

Hello world!

Hello My Dear World,

Happy New Year!

This is my first real blog, and one of my new year’s resolution!

My name is Ajay Priyadarshi, and I stay in Dubai.  Have seen Dubai evolve in the last few years from a small wannabe town to a progressive top cities in the world. All of that in last 8-10 years. There has been some roadblocks and hiccups of late, but the momentum was enough to propell it to forward;. …and here we are on this special day – 4th of Jan 2010. What’s so special today?  

Today is a historical day in Dubai’s short but breakneck speed journey. Today is the launch of Burj Dubai Tower!

Here are 10 quick facts about Burj Dubai from Kipp Report

Developed by Dubai-based Emaar Properties, Burj Dubai was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill of Chicago and constructed by South Korea’s Samsung Corporation. It is the centerpiece of the $20 billion Downtown Burj Dubai project and includes 57 elevators, 1,044 residential apartments, 49 floors of office space and an Armani hotel…………..

Enjoy the most amzaing Burj fountain video on You tube; if you can be there tonite.

“What Ambition and Vision can conjure, Human Will can Achieve” – AP

Untill next time!

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